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Learn The Why And How Of Home Security

Home security is a very important matter that must be taken seriously by everyone. Although the law enforcement personnel are in charge of protecting the communities assigned to them, they can only do so much and so you must not leave the safety of your loved ones and possessions solely in their hands. In connection to this, it is important to know some tips to keep lives and properties safe. Why? It is because both knowledge and application of such tips can make your loved ones rest with peace of mind any time of the day. Additionally, your possessions can be around for the longest time for you and your family to use and enjoy.

Consult experts who specialize in security in order to start with this mission correctly. Who are these experts? They are your local police, fire department and security companies that manufacture products used to ensure safety of the home and business establishments. These people generally know how thieves think. Moving forward, have a plan. This plan must include a system of devices and a set of practices. The basic devices you will need for protection are alarms. These must be able to call your attention at the slightest movement of possible intruders. One device that works best with alarms is the surveillance camera. The best places to install these cameras are at the entrances and exits.

The use of the mentioned devices would be useless if you don’t pair them with the best practices. Thieves are drawn to houses which look uninhabited. Therefore, try to make your house look as if somebody’s at home, even if there’s no one there. How? Empty your mail posts. Turn on lights. Weed your lawn. Do other activities that will make your home look well-maintained.

A Quick Checklist For A Burglar Proof Home

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Top Three Tips On Storing Clothes

It is not easy to store clothes especially when you’re doing it in behalf of all your family members. If it is not done appropriately, it can do your clothes more harm than good. Here are some useful insights which have helped me greatly in doing this task. Read on and pick up the ones you have not yet included in your personal practice.

Wash and dry them – Storing soiled clothes is a big no-no. Before storing any piece of clothing, wash it thoroughly. Ensure that it is dry before folding and packing it away. Perhaps, you have worn a shirt just once and for a very short time. Then, the thought of storing it dawned to you because it seems clean anyway. Stop. Just clean it before packing it.

Keep clothes properly – Cabinets make wonderful storage mediums. Should you need to keep your clothes inside boxes so as to save space, make sure that these boxes are breathable. Cover your clothes with an acid free tissue to keep it from dirt. If you don’t have one, use an old pillow case instead. (Actually, this is what I use.) Keep your clothes in a clean, dry place that is away from sunlight.

Use appropriate hangers – Clothes lose their original shape when they are hung the wrong way. In connection to this, using the right hangers matters a lot too. Choose wooden hangers over plastic ones. These are great for holding knitted clothes and other clothing pieces used for work. If ever you cannot avoid plastic hangers, choose ones that have curved edges.

Quick Ways To Get A Sound-Proof Room

There are many reasons why some people need or want a sound-proof room. For one, some people need it for business especially when their bread and butter is all about music or sound recording. Thanks to modern advancements because these people can now have their own studios at the luxury of their own homes. Some people want a sound-proof room simply because they want peace and quiet so that they can focus and concentrate on the ideas they need to work out.

Choose a room which you want to turn into a sound-proof room. If the air enters it freely, you can expect then that  noise can enter it freely. Why? Noise or any sound for that matter travels through the air. The first thing you can do to prevent the sound from coming in is to close or seal all windows and any other openings on the wall. Doing so can make the room very hot during warm months and so make sure to install an air-conditioner to keep you alive and cozy in your sound-proof room while working.

Next, you can install on your materials which can absorb or impede outside noise from entering the room. These are the likes of Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) or visco-elastic materials. For those who are working on a budget, using or applying a sound-proof paint would do. There are some people who install egg tray cartons onto their walls. Doing so may take time but it’s all worth it.

Finally, you can hung curtains by the windows and thin walls inside the room. Covering the floor with carpets would help sound-proof as well. The same is the  effect of huge furniture pieces inside the room.

Additional Vertical Gardening Tips

Note: This is just a continuation of my previous post

Use trays – This is a wonderful option to try if you want to achieve a portrait type of gardening. You can use your creativity in plotting the flower seeds so that when they grow their colors and texture will complement each other. Look at the image below. It looks like a live painting.

Planting trays are usually made of plastic but some versions are made of wood. These trays are divided into planting sections. Each section is slanted to a 30-degree angle to allow perfect growing condition for each plant. The bottom parts of these trays have holes. These holes allow the air to set in and proper drainage to happen. Both will keep the plants from dying because of too much water. As mentioned earlier, these trays are made of plastic. To achieve a portrait-like image, you can add wooden frames to the edges. Then, you can hang it on the wall or let it stand on a post.

Use pot hangers – As the term suggests, pots are used here to hold the plants. They are just hung up in a vertical manner using wood or other materials. In connect to this,  most plant lovers simply fill or beautify their backyard fences with potted flowering plants to achieve a vertical gardening look. Pot hangers can be attached to walls. There are pot hangers which are stand alone though. Their sizes vary according to the size and weight of the pots slash plants they must hold.

Vertical Gardening: A Quick Solution To Limited Gardening Space

I am a fan of gardening. I try to practise it in my own little ways even though we have very limited space here at home. That said, the concept of vertical gardening which is often see amongst green buildings just like this one:

You might think then that vertical gardening requires the skills of an expert designer and an expert gardener. Don’t fret because the truth is, it can be done with whatever you have at home. In fact what you will really need to make this project a success is determination, patience and consistency. So, how do we start on achieving one for our homes? Check out these ideas:

Use pockets or pouches – These can be bought from most DIY shops. Some gardeners who are short with budget use recycled materials to serve as pockets or pouches. You can buy them individually or in rows of five, ten or what have you. It is important that the size of your pocket or pouch can hold up to 20 pounds of soil because this is the enough amount of soil needed to grow a plant. So, what can you embed in them? Grasses and flowering plants can grow best in them. To water your plants in pockets or pouches, use a hose or a dipper. This should work if they are within reach. If they’re hung up on a wall, it is best for you to install a small irrigation system.

Giving Drains A Break

Drains around the house might be one of those things you may missed cleaning for months, but leaving it as it is, uncleaned might cause some problems later. Here are some ways to give drains a break today.

Clean everything around the sink first.

Wash the dishes and clean the countertops. If you are inside the bathroom, clear the sink area with all bottles of shampoo, lotion and other personal care stuff. When you clean these areas, it becomes easier to deal with drains after.

Prepare natural cleaners to unclog the drains.

You can opt for commercial cleaners but these are really expensive and can add much to your budget since you have to do this at least once a month. Prepare a cup of baking soda and put it directly on the sink, then pour half a cup of white vinegar. This combination will form bubbles on the sink. Don’t worry, just let it pass then pour boiling water to the drain to push this solution down and help unclog the drain and pipes.

Keep the sink dry.

After pouring the boiling water directly on the sink and drain, keep it that way for at least 30 minutes to an hour. This will enable the solution to set in as you prepare to use it again after that time.

What about you? What do you do to give your drains a break?

Getting Rid Of Toxic Stuff At Home

You may have heard it from a lot of sources, but I still believe that it is true. We need to watch what enters our house. This goes for everything that literally goes inside our home, including cleaners and other chemicals that go with it.

As a housewife, I believe that it is my responsibility to screen these bottles. That’s why I start to read more articles about house cleaning aids and found out that there are indeed a lot of different chemicals needed to clean every area in the house.

Now, I am not buying any new chemical cleaners, I am just using what I have on stock then starting to create my own green cleaners. This means buying extra bottle of white vinegar, boxes of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, lemon and spray bottles. I search for recipes online then I do a small portion of it and then test it around the house. Once I found out that it is working well, then I go ahead and create a bigger one good for a month.

It may be a huge adjustment on my end to turn to green cleaning solutions since I really am a believer of these commercial cleaners but I know I will get used to it soon. How about you?

Easy Ways To Create Your Own Meal Planner

I believe the key to save money and avoid food waste is to plan your meals on a weekly basis. If you haven’t done your own meal planner yet, here are some suggestions on how to have one without hurting your budget.

Use your extra diary/planner.

Most of us have this as there are a lot of organizers/diaries/planners that we receive as gifts when a new year starts. Dedicate an extra one to write down your meal plans for the week. You can also write your grocery budget along with it.

Put that extra notebook to use.

If you don’t have an extra planner, an old notebook will be good enough for a start. Write the meal plan for a week and paste cutouts of the food that are included in the list to remind you to stick to the list. You can even stick a cardboard pocket to keep your receipts handy.

Look for free meal plan printables online.

There are a lot of free meal plan printables. You just need to do a little search online and print one that appeal most to you. No need to go out and buy an expensive meal planner if you can just print one right away.

Quick Ways To Put Clear Binder In Good Use

Looking for ways to organize your stack of papers on a weekend? Why not use a clear binder to house those documents? Here are some suggestions:

Keep Your VIPs In Order

For me, VIP also means very important paper. Use your clear binder to house your birth, marriage, training certificates as well as bank statements, certificates of deposits, insurance policies and other documents that can be very crucial to your personal and financial status.

Instant Recipe Book

Collect your favorite recipes, cut the individual pages, place on the binder and keep this in the kitchen. Now you got nice, neat way to get hold of your personal recipe book today.

image credit: desiringvirtue

No More Manual Mess

Wonder where to place these manuals and warranty cards? Use your binder for this purpose. Just label these using colored stickers to find these manuals (and warranty cards) you need right away.

House Your Favorite Design Ideas

I am fond of collecting design ideas that I see on magazines and keep these in my clear binder. You can do the same too. It would be handy to show your contractors to let them know how you want a particular room to look in case of needed renovation.

Level Up – Adding Another Floor To Your Home For Extra Space

When you have a growing family,  converting your garage or your attic into another room would sometimes not be enough. And so creating  a floor plan for additional level – a  second or a third one – becomes the best option to take. This is kind of what happened to my friend who owns a bungalow house. She has just secured a permit for the conversion of her bungalow to a two storey house. Just like me, she and her partner are addicted to doing home improvement projects on their own. They are looking forward to making this bungalow conversion into one of their projects but it seems to require the touch of expert hands.

Apart from hiring an architect for  a viable design of the second floor,  they hired a professional team for the installation of a system of tubes  on which workers can stand on safely as they accomplish their tasks. This is quite different from the traditional ones that are  fixed on the ground in most construction sites.  More so, this is not suspended in the air like the other types. To get this hung scaffolding explained, let me use a description. When a building signage needs to be replaced, this framework of criss-crossing tubes made of aluminum or steel is used. It holds a billboard or a tarpaulin containing the business advertisement that is for everyone to see.

Going back, my friend carefully chose materials that would be used for the creation of  walls, roofs and other materials  for the details of the new level to be created. They planned the new level to be divided into three bedrooms of their children and one bathroom. And so, they needed extra work up on the plumbing system too. Depending on your preference, you can convert such additional level to your bungalow as  a gym  slash library or a mini pool site. Of course, any of these ideas must be consulted with experts to avoid problems.